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Click xtb to enter the site . At Linton Zoo emphasis is on conservation and education, while providing an enjoyable family day out. There is a wealth of rare and exotic creatures to see including Grevy's Zebra, Snow Leopards, Tigers, Lions, Tapirs, Lemurs, Binturongs, Owls, Parrots, Giant Tortoises, Tarantula Spiders and many others. Set in 16 acres of beautiful gardens with plenty of picnic areas and a children's play area. There is also a coffee shop and gift shop (restricted winter opening hours). Click on visiting for more details of opening times. For details of activities for children scheduled for weekends and the school holiday periods, click on news.

Tiger at window at linton zoo

Big cats are always a great favourite. At Linton Zoo we have Snow leopards, Black leopard, African leopard, African lions and Amur tigers. Viewing windows in some of the enclosures make it possible to get as close as a whisker. Here children meet one of our magnificent tigers.

Giant tortoises at Linton zoo

Several species of tortoise can be seen at Linton Zoo, including two species of giant. Tortoises from tropical regions do not hibernate so even during the winter months our herds of giant tortoises can often be seen grazing outside. Pictured are Vicky and Agnes, two of our Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

Toucan at Linton zoo Many species of birds including this beautiful Toco Toucan can be seen at Linton Zoo.

Lion cubs at Linton zoo, see our animal sponsorship page for details of how to sponsor your favourite animal xm broker forex. Riziki and Karla, African Lion cubs, two of our newest arrivals. You can find out more about these two at the 'Lion Cubs Playtime' during school holidays and at weekends

Tapir and calf at Linton zoo The very latest baby to be born at Linton Zoo is Jan, affectionately nicknamed 'Tinkerbell', a Brazilian tapir calf born on 2nd January 2004. You can find out more about our tapir family at the tapir feed and keeper talk at 12 o'clock during school holidays and at weekends. Click on news for details of scheduled events, activities and talks.